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Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers (MOSART) Phase II
MOSART II conducts a longitudinal study of the impact of MSP professional development activities on teacher knowledge and relevant pedagogical content knowledge. The project expands an existing secure, online assessment system to offer MSPs involved in science education professional development the capability of pre- and post-testing participants using valid and reliable instruments based on the National Research Council's Science Content Standards.

MSPs participating in MOSART II benefit from automated reports profiling aggregated pre-test performance of participants and, following post-test administration, reports of gain by content standard. MSP evaluators have access to detailed data for further analysis. MOSART II engages 22-30 MSP projects in assessing participating teachers three times over the course of a year (e.g. prior to, soon after and at the end of the academic year following intensive MSP professional development).

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Project Contributions

The Influence of Teachers’ Knowledge on Student Learning in Middle School Physical Science Classrooms
"This study examines the relationship between teacher knowledge and student learning for 9,556 students of 181 middle school physical science teachers. Assessment instruments based on the National Science Education Standards…
Understanding Misconceptions: Teaching and Learning in Middle School Physical Science
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MOSART Self-Service Site
"This web site was developed to make MOSART's assessment instruments available to individuals involved in science education. The tests are free and can be accessed after completion of four online…
Understanding Student Weaknesses
"As part of an unusual study, Philip Sadler, the Frances W. Wright Senior Lecturer in the Department of Astronomy, and colleagues tested 181 middle school physical science teachers and nearly…"
MOSART II: Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resources for Teachers
Posted by: Nancy Cook Smith . MOSART II provides assessment support to NSF-funded MSPs. Our on-line assessment system is now operational in K-12 earth science, K-12 astronomy, K-8 life science, K-8 physical sciences and high school…
MOSART: From MSP to Teacher to Student
Posted by: Cathy McEver . This documentation of the 2011 Math and Science Partnership Learning Network Conference offers a brief summary of the MOSART presentation that took place during the conference breakout session and focuses on…