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There are no scheduled webinars available at this time.

Archived Webinars (28)

Webinar Date Recording Presenter(s)
Evaluation Models Aligned to Research Types 04/07/16 yes John Sutton
Diagnosing Your Survey Using Rasch Modeling (Level 2) 03/17/16 yes Erin Stack, Karen Drill
Establishing Comparison Groups 03/10/16 yes Eric Banilower, Herbert Turner, III
Using Anchoring Vignettes to Improve Survey Measures of Teachers' Mathematics Instructional Practice 03/03/16 yes John Engberg, Julia Kaufman
Measuring Student Learning with the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR) 02/04/16 yes Leigh Abts
Welcome to PowerUp 01/14/16 yes Nianbo Dong
It's Analysis Time for Your Experimental Study and There is No Significant Effect, Now What? 12/03/15 yes Heather Hill
Webinar Rubric: Using Research to Enhance and Evaluate Webinars 11/19/15 yes Emma Espel, Michael Culbertson
RealVAMS: Getting Real-World Value from Value Added Models 11/05/15 yes Jennifer Green, Jennifer Broatch
What’s Missing in Reports and Articles? Results From Meta-analyses To Find Effect Sizes 10/21/15 yes Erin Furtak, Susan Kowalski, Joe Taylor, Alina Martinez
Rigorous Alternatives to RCTs -- Quasi-Experimental Designs with Equating 10/07/15 yes Michael Culbertson
Values-Engaged Educative (VEE) evaluation approach 09/24/15 yes Ayesha Boyce, Lizanne Destefano, Jennifer Greene
Hierarchical Linear Modeling: Understanding Applications in the MSP Projects 09/16/15 yes Emma Espel, Karen Drill
Designing Surveys Using Construct Mapping 06/17/15 yes Karen Drill
TEAMS Advisory Board 06/03/15 yes John Sutton
What are better quasi-experimental practices for evaluating STEM education programs? 05/20/15 yes Thomas Cook, Kelly Hallberg
What's the big deal about missing data? 04/01/15 yes Michael Culbertson
A Systems-Orientation to Evaluation 03/05/15 yes Pat Jessup, Beverly Parsons
Calculating Power 02/17/15 yes Dan Jesse, Xin Wang, Mary Gray
Data Visualization – Results that Inspire 12/10/14 yes Brandie Ward, Emma Espel
Using Social Media for Evaluation of MSPs 11/17/14 yes Emma Espel, Matthew Linick
Getting to Know the Program Evaluation Standards (3rd Edition) 10/23/14 yes Brandie Ward, Emma Espel
Using Social Media to Strengthen MSPs 09/25/14 yes Emma Espel, Matthew Linick
Innovative Ways to Acquire External Feedback - Effectively Engaging an Advisory Board in Evaluation 09/19/14 yes John Sutton, Catherine Callow-Heusser
Tools For Continuous Evaluation Improvement 06/24/14 yes Dave Weaver
Tools For Continuous Evaluation Improvement 06/10/14 Dave Weaver
Establishing Validity and Reliability for Locally Developed Instruments 05/21/14 yes Xin Wang, Dave Weaver
How Logical Is Your Logic Model: Developing Useful and Robust Project Logic Models 02/27/14 yes Dave Weaver
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