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user iconVirginia Hartmere
user iconDaniel GallagherCo-PI, Project Participant, Project GuestSeattle School District
user iconCarol FletcherProject Director, Project EvaluatorTexas Regional Collaboratives
user iconMichael HowardProject EvaluatorMichael Howard and Associates
user iconEdith GummerProject Evaluator, Project GuestNational Science Foundation
user iconSybille GuyProject Evaluator, Project ResearcherWestern Oregon University
user iconKathleen HaynieProject Evaluator, Project ResearcherHaynie Research and Evaluation
user iconErin FurtakProject GuestUniversity of Colorado Boulder
user iconMary GrayProject GuestRMC Research
user iconLori HareProject GuestNorthern Arizona University
user iconPat JessupProject GuestJessup & Associates LLC
user iconBruna GrimbergProject Professional DeveloperMontana State University
user iconKelly HallbergProject Researcher, Project Guest
user iconLynn FarrinProject StaffMaine Mathematics and Science Alliance
user iconJean Hiebert LarsonProject StaffRMC Research Corporation
user iconMary HobbsProject StaffUniversity of Texas at Austin
user iconJane HorwitzProject StaffPenn Science Teacher Institute
user iconPat FitzsimmonsState CoordinatorAgency of Education