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Jennifer Green (Jenny Green)



  • Higher Ed: Other, Researcher 


Dr. Green's interests include developing strategies and methods to enhance and assess educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-related disciplines. Her research focuses on the application, development and refinement of statistical methods to study the impacts of professional development programs on teacher and student outcomes, and she collaborates with others in the mathematical and educational sciences to create innovative approaches for developing teachers of statistics in grades K-16 and beyond. In her role as co-principal investigator of two education-related National Science Foundation-funded grants: "Data Connections" and "Collaborative Research-RealVAMS," she is working with public school districts and Math Science Partnerships to combine multiple databases of teacher and student outcomes and laying groundwork for connecting various measures of teaching quality and teacher and student attributes to student learning trajectories. 


Statistics Education, Mixed Models, Value-Added Modeling 


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