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02/22/17The Effects Of Professional Development On Elementary Students' Mathematics Achievement
04/26/16External Feedback for Educational Research: What Should We Ask?
04/07/16Evaluation Models Aligned to Research Types
02/29/16Practice for March 3 TEAMS webinar
02/03/16Promoting Research and Innovation in Methodologies for Evaluation (PRIME) Project Summaries
02/01/16Practice for February 4 TEAMS webinar
01/07/16Practice for January 14 TEAMS webinar
12/01/15Practice for December 1 TEAMS webinar
11/16/15Practice for November 19 TEAMS Webinar
10/26/15Practice for TEAMS November webinar
10/19/15walk through test - Whats Missing in Reports and Articles?
09/30/15TEAMS Practice Webinar - Rigorous Alternatives to RCTs
09/23/15TEAMS VEE Practice Webinar
09/11/15TEAMS test 2
09/09/15Test - TEAMS
06/10/15TEAMS - Test webinar
03/26/15TEAMS - Test webinar - What's the big deal about missing data?
02/26/15Test Webinar - TEAMS (A Systems-Orientation to Evaluation)
12/10/14Practice webinar for today's TEAMS webinar
10/22/14test webinar - teams
09/19/14Innovative Ways to Acquire External Feedback - Effectively Engaging an Advisory Board in Evaluation
09/16/14TEAMS practice webinar - Innovative Ways to Acquire External Feedback - Effectively Engaging an Advi
07/23/14A Look Inside Mathematics Coaching: Roles, Content, And Dynamics
06/09/14MSP Project Document Review Rubric
06/09/14MSP Project Document Self-Appraisal
02/26/14Test webinar for TEAMS
09/19/13EMC Teacher Survey
04/10/13MSPnet Academy: Do It Right From the Outset, or Do It Again and Again
04/02/13Practice Academy Webinar
10/05/06Linking Teacher Characteristics to Student Mathematics Outcomes