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Dave Weaver


  • Researcher, Evaluator 


As the Director of Educational Evaluation & Technical Assistance Services at RMC Research Corporation, Mr. Weaver is responsible for a wide variety of research and evaluation projects in science and mathematics education reform. Prior to joining RMC Research Corporation, Mr. Weaver held a position with the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) in Portland, Oregon, for 13 years where he served as an Instructional Designer with the Educational Technology Program, a technical consultant with the Northwest Consortium for Mathematics and Science Teaching, and an evaluator and database developer for NWREL's Western Regional Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities.
Mr. Weaver earned a B.S. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Mathematics Education from Portland State University in Oregon. Upon completion of the bachelor's degree he served as a mathematics and computer science teacher for 8 years at Mt. View Intermediate School in Beaverton, Oregon. During this time Mr. Weaver also served as the department chairperson, taught numerous college credit courses for district staff, and served on curriculum development committees. 


Mr. Weaver is accomplished in designing and implementing program evaluations and research projects that involve instrument development, data collection, qualitative and quantitative data analysis utilizing conventional analysis tools and geographic information systems (GIS), and the development of reports that address clients' needs. He has extensive experience planning, developing, and conducting professional development experiences for educators-including workshops, forums, seminars, presentations, and support groups-and he has provided mathematics and science reform technical assistance to educators. Mr. Weaver's expertise also includes developing and managing multiuser information management systems and databases for a variety of custom applications, including web-based data collection and reporting. 


Weaver, D. & Kiehle, C. (2011). Observing for Evidence of Learning: Professional development that makes a difference. Portland, OR: RMC Research Corporation.

Weaver, D. & Lewis, C. (2010). Observing for Evidence of Learning: 2010 final evaluation report. Portland, OR: RMC Research Corporation.

Weaver, D. & Dick, T. (2008). Improving mathematics discourse among students: Results and lessons learned from a 4-year study. Paper presented at the 2008 Mathematics and Science Partnership Learning Network Conference, Washington, DC.

Schatz, D., Weaver, D., & Finch, P. (2005). Washington State LASER evaluation results. Washington Science Teachers' Journal, 45(3), 16-17. 

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