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Jennifer Broatch



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Researcher 


Jennifer Broatch received her Ph.D. in Statistics at Arizona State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University- West. She is the Principal Investigator for the NSF funded project RealVAMS (DRL-1336027 and DRL-1336265), a Collaborative Project between Arizona State University, University Nebraska- Lincoln, and Montana State University. 


Educational evaluation, in particular value added models. General areas include hierarchical models, generalized mixed models, and non-parametric methods. 


Broatch, J. & Lohr, Sharon. (2012).Multidimensional Assessment of Value Added by Teachers to Real-World Outcomes, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, April 2012, Vol.77,2:256-277.

R Package: mvglmmRank, Andrew Karl and Jennifer Broatch, mvglmmRank: Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Ranking Sports Teams, Downloaded at:

Broatch, J. (2014). Estimating the Impact of Real World Outcomes on Teacher Effectiveness Measurements- Initial Results from RealVAMs. Project NSF - DRL #1336027, August 2014; In JSM Proceedings, Statistics Education Section, pages 2176-2184. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association.

Pivovarova, M., Broatch, J., & Amrein-Beardsley, A. (2014). Chetty et al. on the American Statistical Associations recent position statement on value-added models (VAMs): Five points of contention [Commentary]. Teachers College Record. Retrieved from contentid=17633.

Wilson, Natalia, Broatch, Jennifer, Jehn, Megan, & Davis, Charles III. (2015 in press). National Projections of Time, Cost and Failure in Implantable Device Identification: Consideration of Unique Device Identification Use. The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation (to appear).