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A Review of STEM Research Instruments for Assessing Teacher Practices, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, and Content Knowledge


This paper presents findings from a review of the DR-K12 projects' proposed instruments across five cohorts of DR-K12 projects funded from 2008-2012. The collection of instruments represents commonly used tools for gathering information about educational innovations in the U.S. given that the DR-K12 portfolio is the nation's largest STEM educational intervention research and development fiscal investment.
Two accompanying publications were produced as a result of this review effort: Compendium of research instruments for STEM education: Part 1 and Part 2. This paper includes data from Part 1, on teacher instruments and additional analysis of the constructs assessed related to teacher practices.
The driving research question for this instrument was: What are the instruments, constructs, and methods being used to study teacher outcomes within the DR-K12 portfolio?
Evaluators and grantees interested in assessing teacher instructional practices, instructional beliefs, pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), and content knowledge can read this paper and review the data provided on instruments and constructs, and when possible, reliability and validity.