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Evidence: An Essential Tool: Planning for and Gathering Evidence Using the Design-Implementation-Outcomes (DIO) Cycle of Evidence


Document introduction: The Design-Implementation-Outcomes (DIO) Cycle of Evidence exists as a guiding framework to plan for, gather and use evidence in project-level evaluation. The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) requested a guiding framework that would clarify the National Science Foundation's (NSF) expectations for gathering and reporting evidence, guide current MSP projects in their evaluation activities, and guide future MSPs and others who submit proposals to NSF for funding. The DIO Cycle of Evidence provides a framework for considering projects and project activities at multiple levels, from the global "big picture" view of projects to the most detailed perspective of individual project activities designed to produce specific outcomes. The DIO Cycle of Evidence also fulfills the need for a common language known to evaluators as well as STEM faculty and professionals involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating MSP projects.
With the evidence gathered through applying this framework, grantees and evaluators can help increase knowledge, provide evidence for accountability, improve projects, and support the value and feasibility of projects and activities.