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How to Conduct Rigorous Evaluations of Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) Projects: A User-Friendly Guide for MSP Project Officials and Evaluators


Purpose: To provide MSP project officials and evaluators with clear, practical advice on how to conduct rigorous evaluations of MSP projects at a low cost. Specifically, this is a how-to guide designed to enable MSP grantees and evaluators of MSP projects to answer questions about the projects' impact.
Overview: This guide provides concrete, step-by-step advice, as follows:
Step 1: Find a researcher with expertise in conducting rigorous impact evaluations to include on the study team.
Step 2: Decide what research question(s) the study seeks to answer.
Step 3: Decide on the study design.
Step 4: Gain the cooperation of teachers and school officials.
Step 5: Allocate teachers to the program and control (or matched comparison) groups.
Step 6: Collect the data needed to measure the MSP project's effectiveness.
Step 7: Analyze and report the study's results.